With many folks working from home, self-isolating and avoiding public spaces to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, it is hard not to miss socializing and gathering with other human beings. In the meantime, some St. Louis companies are joining forces to bring a digital option to the city and beyond. 

A virtual happy hour from We Are Live, a St. Louis-based entertainment company, and STL Barkeep, a St. Louis-based cocktail catering company, will be hosted via Facebook Live on Thu., March 19 to keep people entertained digitally and teach them a little about cocktails at the same time. 

"We're just trying it out," says STL Barkeep owner Matt Longueville. "Give people an opportunity to gather in a space, even if it is just interacting with each other through a chatroom while everybody watches the same thing." 

STL Barkeep bartender Pat Gioia will be online showing people how to make some cocktails using jams, since it's something that many people likely have around the house. California comedian Ian Bagg and St. Louis musician Just Joshin' Around will also be on deck for some laughs and music. 

"It's kind of trying to brighten people's day and make them forget, even if it is just for 45 minutes or an hour," Longueville says. 

The happy hour will be broadcast on We Are Live's Facebook page starting Thursday at 4pm.