Food Pedaler

Food Pedaler delivers food by bike downtown and in the Central West End. 

St. Louis residents living in the Central West End or downtown have the option to use a local and environmentally-friendly food delivery service.

Food Pedaler, a food delivery service that brings meals to customers via bike, has been doing so in St. Louis for six years. In 2019, founder and owner Tim Kiefer sold the business to Alex Ward, who had worked his way up from a delivery person to overseeing the downtown neighborhood for Food Pedaler. Kiefer originally planned to have independent owners for each Food Pedaler neighborhood to keep it hyper-local, but when Ward purchased the company, he decided to own and oversee it as a single entity. Now, the service offers delivery from 16 Central West End establishments and 12 places in downtown St. Louis. 

"In a nutshell, we are St. Louis' only independent restaurant delivery service, and we do it all on bikes," Ward says. 

Although all deliveries are completed by bicycle, Food Pedaler delivers year-round and through almost every kind of weather; the only time they won't ride is when there is ice on the ground. Delivery times in the Central West End are daily from 11am to 3pm and 5 to 9pm, while downtown delivery is only offered Monday through Friday from 11am to 2:30pm. 

In addition to Food Pedaler being eco-friendly and local, each order also gives back to the community. For every order delivered, Food Pedaler donates 50 cents to St. Louis nonprofit The Fit and Food Connection, which according to its website provides "fresh, healthy and nutritious foods to low income families in food deserts" as well as a variety of healthy living resources such as fitness classes. The cause is close to Ward's heart – he is a board member and has been volunteering with the organization since September 2017. 

"I want to be able to use my business to give back even more," Ward says. 

Food Pedaler also offers a new subscription service that will bring your favorite St. Louis-made products to your doorstep every one, two or four weeks, depending on your preference. The company has partnered with Blueprint Coffee, Clementine's Naughty & Nice Creamery, Hello Juice and Mighty Cricket to bring their packaged goods via bike to customers on a time-based subscription.

For $18 per delivery, subscribers can get 12 ounces of Blueprint Coffee on Fridays. For $15, subscribers can get a variety of Mighty Cricket breakfast products delivered to their door. For $38, you can get six Hello Juice bottles delivered. Clementine's will send you a "nice" pint for $10, or $15 if you're looking for a vegan flavor. All flavors of products vary depending on delivery date, and the full schedule is available on Food Pedaler's website. Subscriptions also have a larger delivery area, so check to see if you might fall within the boundaries online. 

In the future, Ward hopes to expand to other St. Louis neighborhoods – right now, he has his eye on The Grove and Shaw – but mostly importantly, he wants to continue to provide quality service to Food Pedaler's customers.

"I'm hoping that it can bring super quality service, that we can really compete well with our national competitors," Ward says. 

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