Looking for a new show to keep you occupied during quarantine? Tune into the Nine Network this weekend, and you just might spot a few familiar faces.

A new episode of tasteMAKERS, hosted by Feast publisher Cat Neville, airs on the Nine Network in St. Louis on Sat., April 11 at 6:30pm, spotlighting Matt Lebon of Custom Foodscaping. The episode will also air again on Sun., April 12 at 6:30pm.

The St. Louis-based company, which was profiled in the June 2019 issue of Feast, seeks to change the food system by building awareness of sustainable agriculture and permaculture principles. Through Custom Foodscaping, Lebon designs and installs foodscapes that mimic the patterns of nature in urban settings, including schools, churches, restaurants and even residential properties.

Lebon hopes that when people visit these sustainable edible gardens – which grow everything from raspberries and strawberries to Asian pears and persimmons – they’ll be inspired to learn more and apply those practices where they live and work.

"Because we eat three meals a day, and we all get what good food is about, using food as a tool to create those lightbulb moments is absolutely what this is all about," he says in the episode.

The episode takes viewers on a tour of several St. Louis-area businesses that have worked with Custom Foodscaping, including EarthDance Organic Farm School, Confluence Kombucha and the nationally acclaimed Vicia, a vegetable-forward restaurant where Lebon designed a garden so that the chefs and bartenders can pick fresh ingredients on site.

"Matt’s designs are ecological masterpieces and really show people what permaculture design can do to improve the environment," Neville says. "In a hands-on way, foodscapes teach and inspire people to be sustainable, they bring communities together, they transform food deserts into abundance. Plus, they’re beautiful to look at and make clean, whole foods accessible to everyone."

In addition to the presenting station, Nine Network, tasteMAKERS airs nationally; check pbs.org/stations for local airdates. More info about the Custom Foodscaping episode can be found at watchtastemakers.com/211-custom-foodscaping.