Gioia's Deli Hot Salami

The Hot Salami is a rite of passage at Gioia's Deli.

Gioia's Deli has been a staple on The Hill since it opened over 100 years ago, and now it has its own foothold in Creve Coeur as well. If you are craving an Italian sandwich, Gioia's is the place to go, and you'd be remiss to try a sandwich without its signature offering: the hot salami. 

The hot salami is made in house using the same process since Gioia's opened, and is sliced fresh to order. Top it with fix-ins like lettuce, tomato, pepperoncinis or giardiniera. If you can't choose what to load it with, ask for how it's usually ordered. 

If you want to experience the hot salami alongside some of Gioia's other cured meats, there are plenty of other sandwiches to choose from. The Italian Trio features hot salami, Genoa salami and mortadella, while the Spicy Daggett has spicy salami, hot coppa and capicolla. However you decide to eat the hot salami, though, you will be left full and satisfied. Pair it with Red Hot Riplets and a Vess soda for a meal that is St. Louis through and through. 

Gioia's is offering its menu for takeout with limited outdoor seating. 

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