Schlafly Boomerang Mead Spritzer

The Boomerang mead spritzer comes in at just 90 calories. 

Fans of spiked seltzers and tonics, rejoice: Schlafly is entering the low-calorie canned drink market with a line of mead spritzers.

Boomerang, as the spritzers will be called, are carbonated cans of mead that clock in at 90 calories. Mead is an ancient honey wine, which Schlafly has brewed before, but the spritzer will be a new take on the drink.

"They haven't really been introduced into this new spritzer/seltzer world," says lead brewer Jared Williamson about mead. "So can we take something old and make it new again?"

Mead is gluten-free and generally very sweet and high in ABV, but this version was brewed to be just 4 percent alcohol.

"You get a perceived sweetness, but then it finished totally dry," Williamson says. "It's not cloyingly sweet, it's not going to build on your palate in any type of the traditional kind of mead sense."

The brewery made its first batch last year around April, and then began messing around with the recipe and what flavors would work well with it. They gathered feedback both internally and externally, serving up samples at different beer festivals around town and even bringing it in cans to family and friends' barbecues to get a different perspective. Williamson says that, so far, the feedback has been great.

"When Schlafly first started back in '91, there were a few people that had the idea that there would be consumers that would be interested in a more locally produced artisanal kind of beer," he says. "Those people were very right, and we're kind of approaching the spritzer category that way, too." 

Lemon-lime will be the first flavor available, and it officially launches Friday. It will be offered in typical 12-ounce cans (as opposed to the taller, skinnier cans that many hard seltzers and spritzers are found in) and on draft at the Schlafly tap rooms and soon at bars and restaurants around St. Louis.

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