Bill Cawthon Herbie's

Bill Cawthon took over as executive chef at Herbie's on Feb. 1. 

Herbie's has a new chef leading its kitchen. 

Bill Cawthon, perhaps known best locally as the owner of the now-shuttered Frankly Sausages, is the new executive chef at the restaurant, as first reported by St. Louis Magazine. Cawthon, who started Feb. 1, has also spent time working with notable St. Louis restaurateurs Bill Cardwell and Gerard Craft. 

At Frankly Sausages, Cawthon focused on creating sausages with locally-raised meat, and he will carry much of that philosophy into his work at Herbie's. The chef says that he will be paying more attention to the quality of food and where the food is being sourced from, adding that he has several local farmers and vendors that he likes to use that he will work with at Herbie's.

"I'm excited to get to showcase their stuff, use really good product, and, you know, just build the team and kind of see how it goes," Cawthon says. 

The Herbie's menu will also see some changes. Most recently, Cawthon overhauled the brunch menu at the restaurant, and updates to the rest of the menu will follow before the start of patio season. He's excited about building a team including those currently at Herbie's and others he has worked with in the past, as well as rolling out new menus for the restaurant.

"I'm getting a lot of creative freedom," Cawthon says. 

Herbie's, 8100 Maryland Ave., Clayton, Missouri, 314.306.9084,