Dave Owens Proper Cannabis

Dave Owens, culinary director for Proper, will make the company's edibles out of a commercial kitchen at the company's facility. 

A line of chef-inspired edibles is set to debut in St. Louis this spring.

St. Louis' Proper Cannabis will launch Honeybee in April. The line of chocolate bars, gumdrops and mint tablets is being created and produced by Proper culinary director Dave Owens, who spent 12 years at Bissinger's Chocolates before diving into the cannabis industry. 

"It's exciting stuff," Owens says. "I'm looking forward to getting going. A little nervous, a little apprehensive because it's new. It's kind of like opening a new restaurant, only with a lot of restrictions. So we've got a lot of work ahead of us, still."

The products, which due to Missouri marijuana laws will be available exclusively for residents with medical marijuana cards, are all infused with marijuana flower grown and harvested by Proper. The planned April rollout is mostly dependent on the flower; the first Proper harvest is expected sometime in February or March, giving the culinary team time to begin production and send samples off to the state for testing. In the meantime, while the flower grows and the kitchen gets set up, Owens has been working on recipe development out of STL Foodworks

All of the confections are being made with high-quality ingredients sourced from around the world and have differing levels of the intoxicating component of marijuana, THC. The chocolate bars, which will have a total of 100mg of THC per bar, will be made with chocolate sourced from Europe. The gumdrops, made with pectin for a vegetarian gummy, will be made with real fruit and clock in at 5mg of THC per piece. The mints will each contain 2.5mg of THC. 

Given that there is such a small quantity of marijuana in each product, Owens says that the products shouldn't taste "hashy," the green flavor that can often be left by marijuana. Instead, you should be able to distinguish, for example, the different fruit flavors of the gumdrops or the type of chocolate you're indulging in. Expect Honeybee to begin with six different chocolate bars, six kinds of gumdrops and five types of tablets. 

For now, Honeybee will be available at Proper's two medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as other dispensaries across the state. And while adult-use recreational cannabis could be on the way for Missouri in the coming years, Honeybee is focusing on its medical patients for now.

"We're focused on the medical program right now, and really looking to get those patients the medicine they need because it does help a lot of folks," he says. 

Fittingly, Owens says the goal is for Honeybee to launch in time for April 20.

Honeybee, honeybee-edibles.com