Schlafly Side Work

All proceeds from Side Work will go to supporting local businesses affected by COVID-19. 

Supporting local businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic is as easy as drinking a brew from Schlafly Beer.

According to a press release, Side Work will hit the market in early April; all proceeds from the beer with go to the Gateway Resilience Fund, which is raising short-term monetary relief for employees and owners of affected bars, restaurants and shops in the St. Louis area. 

The hazy IPA is 4 percent ABV and is brewed with strata and enigma hops, lending strawberry jam and passionfruit notes to the beer. Lead brewer Jared Williamson actually brewed the beer intending to enjoy it at his now-postponed early April wedding – two hops blending to create one beer was meant to be symbolic for the occasion – but he and his fiancé had to postpone the ceremony given the current circumstances. 

“I brewed this celebration beer in early March for my wedding guests to enjoy, and there is a story behind each aspect of the beer. As a brewer, I've continued to gravitate towards more sessionable beers with great hop flavor and aromatics. I also wanted to have this beer be super drinkable and approachable for our wedding guests. With the lower ABV, it could keep us all somewhat grounded as we celebrated into the evening," Williams said in the release. "Once the wedding had to be postponed, we wanted to use the beer for something good. We wanted it to go back to our industry, as both my fiancé and I have spent numerous years either behind a bar serving patrons or in the brewery producing the beers. We wanted something positive for the greater community.”

The name Side Work is a nod to all of the work that people in the hospitality industry do behind the scenes, outside of the typical serving food and pouring drinks that customers might see. 

Side Work will be available in 16-ounce can four-packs at both Schlafly brewpubs for $8.99. To order Side Work, guests can call either location for curbside pickup. 

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