Knead Bakehouse shipping

You can now get three loaves of Knead bread shipped across the country. 

You can now get a loaf of your favorite St. Louis-made bread anywhere across the country. 

Knead Bakehouse and Provisions is now offering nationwide shipping for some of the Lindenwood Park bakery's favorite sourdough loaves. The Sourdough Bread Box is $25, and you get your choice of any combination of either the bakery's rustic or brioche loaves. 

Kirsten Brown, who co-owns Knead with her husband, AJ, says that amid the pandemic, all of Knead's business has been done via online orders for curbside pickup, so it made sense that the next logical step for the bakery would be shipping its products. Plus, those who have loved Knead but had moved away from St. Louis reached out to the couple to inquire about ordering. 

"It's really exciting," Brown says. 

The breads are shipped fresh, which is important because Knead's loaves don't have preservatives like the breads you might find on grocery store shelves. Customers can choose between overnight and one-to-two day shipping, which still buys customers several days of freshness if they leave their bread out on their countertops. For those who want to order the bread but don't quite need three loaves, Brown says that Knead's bread holds up well after being frozen; the couple even freezes their own breads at home.

"You could slice it and pull it out of the freezer and toast it, and it comes back to life," she says. 

Aside from shipping being a new way of garnering business, it allows AJ and Kirsten Brown to maintain the relationships that they've created with customers over the years. 

"We have such great relationships with our customers 'cause we are passionate about it, and a lot of our customers are passionate about bread as well," Brown says. "It's just a unique opportunity that we have to care for our customers in a different way and now be able to serve them in a different way."

Three loaves will run you $25, with about $15 for shipping costs depending on where you live. Orders can be purchased online on Knead's website. For now, you can only ship Knead's bread, but starting Nov. 1, the bake shop will also be shipping boxes full of goodies for the holidays, including some contributions from other favorite local St. Louis businesses. Watch Knead's social media and website for info on the launch. 

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