Blues City Deli Little Muffuletta

The Little Muffuletta is a smaller version of the deli's famous sandwich.

Sometimes the end of the work week calls for a lunchtime treat. When you head to Blues City Deli to pick up an order, you know you'll get a stellar sandwich that will set a great tone for your weekend. Case in point: The Little Muffuletta. 

The Little Muffuletta starts with an Italian roll and is then piled with Genoa salami, ham, mortadella and Provolone. It's then topped with olive oil and a housemade olive salad for the signature brininess of a muffuletta. This version is smaller than the behemoth that Blues City Deli is known for, so expect to finish this one by yourself. 

If olives aren't your thing, Blues City Deli has no shortage of sandwich options for you to try. The deli offers classic takes on roast beef, Italian beef, tuna salad and more, but you can also get a little more creative. Go for the Chicken Shack Ranch with smoked pulled chicken, bacon, Provel, lettuce, tomato and ranch on an Italian roll, or the Knuckle Sandwich, made with capicola, Italian beef, pepper Jack, onion, hot giardiniera and a smoky sauce on an Italian roll. 

Blues City Deli is offering its menu exclusively for carryout and asks that diners do not call ahead of time to place an order. 

Blues City Deli, 2438 McNair Ave., Benton Park, St. Louis, Missouri 314.773.8225,