Chris Krzysik

Chris Krzysik is taking over the kitchen at Takashima Records. 

Chef Chris Krzysik, a veteran of St. Louis restaurants including Louie, Blood and Sand, Polite Society and, most recently, Indo, will head up the kitchen at the soon-to-open Takashima Records vinyl bar in The Grove. 

Krzysik will be the chef de cuisine at the bar, which will have a menu that offers casual Japanese bar cuisine known as izakaya. The kitchen was originally going to become Izumi, an izakaya concept from chef Kurt Bellon, who is the general manager of neighboring Chao Baan, and Global Foods Group, which owns Chao Baan, which did not pan out. 

While the menu will be still highlight Japanese cuisine, Krzysik is blending Japanese foods that have been influenced by Western culture and foods that have not. He says he will also use Japanese techniques for plating. 

The kitchen has no hood, so all food will be cooked using induction burners. The menu will feature Japanese favorites such as agedashi tofu (fried tofu), onigiri (a white rice ball often wrapped in seaweed that is stuffed with fillings like tuna or salmon) and oden (a hearty dashi-based soup that often has ingredients like potatoes, daikon radishes or fish cakes). There will also be sashimi on the menu, but Krzysik says you won't find any sushi. Expect other light bites such as bar nuts and a crudite plate.

There is still no official opening date for Takashima Records, but the bar is expected to debut the last weekend in February. 

Izumi, Takashima Records, 4041 Chouteau Ave., The Grove, St. Louis, Missouri,

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