Indo Nick Bognar

Indo chef-owner Nick Bognar has been named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs.

It's been a pretty big week for Nick Bognar.

Last week, the chef-owner of Indo announced he would be reopening his acclaimed Botanical Heights restaurant for curbside pickup on the same day that Indo was named one of GQ's best new restaurants in America.

And the accolades just keep rolling in: Today, Bognar has been named to Food & Wine's 2020 list of Best New Chefs. The prestigious list recognizes "chefs who make the sharpest, most forward-thinking, and satisfying food in America," and the magazine writes that this year's list of honorees, published in the midst of COVID-19, matters more than ever.

"The fallout from the pandemic has revealed new layers of strength and creativity, best embodied by this year’s class of Best New Chefs," restaurant editor Khushbu Shah writes. "With them at the helm, the future of dining looks brighter, fairer, and more delicious than ever before."

In her profile of Bognar, Shah describes the chef as a "master of bold Thai flavors and pristine, innovative sushi," praising his "flavor-to-the-face cooking style, each dish fully loaded with punches of spicy, fishy, salty, sour, bitter, and umami flavors."

She goes on to say, "There is nothing about Indo that is minimal, from the technicolor bathroom wallpaper to Bognar’s unapologetically bold cooking and full-throttle use of salt, funk, and spice. The adage “less is more” loses all meaning in his kitchen, and that is exactly how Bognar likes it. He has one goal in mind: to serve you food that will jolt your bones to the marrow and have you coming back for more."

Indo, 1641 Tower Grove Ave., Botanical Heights, St. Louis, Missouri,