Lazy Tiger

Tim Wiggins, who designed the cocktail menu at both Retreat Gastropub and Yellowbelly, will be designing the cocktail menu at his newest joint venture, Lazy Tiger. 

The Central West End is getting another concept from the guys behind Retreat Gastropub and Yellowbelly.

According to a Wednesday press release, Travis Howard and Tim Wiggins plan to open Lazy Tiger, an American cocktail bar, in St. Louis later this year. The bar will open at 210 N. Euclid Avenue, the former private event space from the pair known as The Hideout

“While our restaurants have strong cocktail programs, Lazy Tiger will be our first real bar venture, and I’m excited to show St. Louis what that means to our team," says Wiggins, co-owner and bar manager. 

The cocktail bar will aim to have a Bohemian feel with a menu featuring 15 cocktails, as well as a separate happy hour cocktail. Drinks will be defined by their style, including spins on the Old Fashioned, plus highballs, sours and spirit-free sippers. The menu will feature a mix of both traditional and experimental cocktails, with drinks like the Box Lunch (bourbon, graham cracker, china-china amaro, honey, salt and Angostura bitters) and the Humber Brag (gin, white port, salted banana puree, black rice and oat milk, lemon and white chocolate shavings). 

The bar will also have a focus on sustainability, both in its routines and in its cocktails. 

“We’re focused on highly sustainable practices and ingredients at Lazy Tiger,” Wiggins says. “We have plans to utilize acid solutions and citrus peels in new and interesting ways to have more of a closed loop system on our bar menu. For example, we have plans to clarify orange juice and add acid so that it has the same pH as lime juice. We’re turning lemon juice into a lemon caramel syrup, making our own lime cordial, and more.”

For those who want a bite with their cocktail, there will be a short bar menu of bites and small plates. Options will include chicken taquitos, Buffalo crab dip and french fries served with aïoli. You can also end the night with some favorite desserts from Yellowbelly and Retreat Gastropub. 

For those still looking for a private event space, the Lazy Tiger will still book limited events for groups of 50 people or less. 

Lazy Tiger, 210 N. Euclid Ave., Central West End, St. Louis, Missouri