Those who are missing a slice of St. Louis can now get a taste from anywhere in the country. 

Cakery Classic, sister company of The Cup in the Central West End and The Cakery in Clayton-Tamm, is now selling its cakes for nationwide shipping. The Cakery Classic Cake is a six-inch cake in the bakery's most popular flavors – French vanilla, confetti, tuxedo and chocolate chip. Optional add-ons for the cakes include celebration sprinkle mixes, candles and wooden cake toppers.

Almost 10 years ago now, owner Ericka Frank wanted to find a way to ship her cupcakes nationwide. The logistics didn't end up working out, and shipping was put on hold – until she wanted to send her sister a cake for her 50th birthday. 

"I couldn't be there, and I knew that she loved our strawberry cake," Frank says. 

To ship the dessert, she layered cake and frosting inside of a plastic container so that it could be turned out and served in a snap. Each cake is shipped in thermal packaging to keep everything tasting right, even though Frank says that her sweets do surprisingly well without refrigeration. The shipping took a lot of fine-tuning, including Frank sending cakes to friends as tests and collecting feedback. Now, you can order the cakes from her website for $65.95. 

"Hopefully, it means a lot of growth over the next few months and years," Frank says. "It means probably hiring more people, it means adding equipment."

The cakes join a small lineup of other sweets, including a packaged buttercream  that launched two years ago and Dip-a-roo, a sweet dip made with buttercream and flavor mix-ins. 

"I'm a very flexible person, so when there is a good idea and I think it can work, then we just work on it," Frank says. 

Cakery Classic,