Savage Onions

Toasted yeast with turnips and preserved onions at the restaurant formerly known as Savage. 

Savage is now SHIFT. 

The vegetable- and seafood-forward restaurant from chef-owner Logan Ely will now officially be known as SHIFT. The change was announced in an Instagram post from the restaurant on Sunday. 

"Savage is a word with a troubled history and it was a mistake to celebrate that in our naming," the post reads. 

Ely himself says that the name Savage was originally born out of haste, and that there was "no good reason" for the name. He's been looking for a name change since the restaurant opened in 2018. 

"It felt like a really good time to just get it done," he says. 

The name SHIFT comes from what Ely says is a "shift" in what we are seeing right now across the country. He says that businesses like his have to be asking themselves uncomfortable questions and take responsibility for things they have done that are wrong and shift to become better companies that are more understanding. 

"The only thing I really cared about was that we got it done, and the name, I just want to leave that behind us," Ely says. "I think it's important, and I wanted to make that statement, however that affects the restaurant."

SHIFT is still closed for its typical multi-course small-plate menu, but it is open for curbside pickup with more casual dinners for two. 

SHIFT, 2655 Ann Ave., Fox Park, St. Louis, Missouri, 314.354.8488,