As of last week, there's more than just barbecue coming out of the kitchen at BEAST Butcher & Block in The Grove. 

Wing Runner, a new chicken wing ghost kitchen concept, officially launched on August 11 and has been offering a variety of wings for pickup and delivery since. Chef-owner David Sandusky was intrigued by the ghost kitchen concept, and like barbecue, he felt that wings were approachable to most people. Plus, he could apply the same standard of quality and creativity to his wings that he applies to his barbecue. 

"Wing Runner was born out of a desire of do something new, and create," he says. "And we felt like we could do it, that we could do a better wing. So we decided to go after it."

Wing Runner offers both classic chicken wings – smoked, deep-fried and then baked after sauced – and cauliflower "wings," which are prepared almost the exact same way. Sandusky says that sauce flavors are subject to change, but currently, the offerings are a mix of classic and creative. Alongside classics like mild Buffalo, hot Buffalo, roasted garlic butter and spicy dry rub, you'll find flavors like char siu, roasted shishito-lime, fish sauce caramel and a St. Louis-style barbecue topped with crumbled crispy pig snoot. Sandusky's personal favorite? The habanero jerk rub. 

"We've gotten a lot of great compliments," Sandusky says. "Everybody is really happy with the flavors and what we're trying to accomplish. We're really proud of what we've been able to do in the last week."

Aside from the wings, the online menu for Wing Runner is pretty streamlined. You can order fresh fries or Zapp's potato chips as a side to your wings, or snag a drink and a chocolate chip cookie. But, if you order in-person at the BEAST Butcher & Block pickup window, you can also order whatever BEAST meats or side you want to go with your chicken. 

Wing Runner can be ordered online for pickup or delivery. 

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