St. Louis’ newest donut shop features a colorful pastry case filled with more than 20 varieties of classic American-style yeast and cake donuts on any given day, including everything from candy- and cereal-topped concoctions to a one-pound apple fritter. Boogyz Donuts debuted in University City, Missouri, on Jan, 31, featuring fresh baked goods and a large selection of drinks.

The concept comes from Jamil Jabbar, a St. Louis native who grew up with the nickname “Boogy.” Jabbar previously operated convenience stores and always dreamed of opening his own bakery. After spending some time working at Kelly’s Donuts in Hazelwood, he set out to experiment with his own kitchen creations. 

“I’m just making donuts and am having a lot of fun,” Jabbar says. “I love seeing everyone enjoy them. They have the ability to bring a bunch of people from different communities together.”

Prior to learning all about donuts, Jabbar also traveled to the East Coast to master the art of making authentic New York bagels, which he hopes to incorporate into his shop’s selection in coming months. Look for simple options to start including plain, honey -wheat and blueberry.

Boogyz Donuts fills an approximately 1,200-square-foot space previously occupied by a Little Caesers. The shop is primarily set up for grab-and-go, but a few counter seats at the window are available for guests to get in a quick bite. Décor is minimal, including a hand-painted The Simpsons-themed Boogyz Donuts centerpiece gifted by a friend.

In the kitchen, Jabbar regularly whips up a couple dozen types of sweets to keep the storefront well-stocked. His father and self-proclaimed biggest fan, Zorro Jabbar, is often helping out, donning a yellow chef hat.

The selection includes everything from original glazed donuts, specialty cake donuts and filled donuts to cinnamon rolls, apple fritters and donut holes. Pricing is available for individual pastries or for half-dozen or dozen boxes. Special orders with customizable toppings and decorations are also available.

Popular picks include glazed twists, Fruity Pebbles-topped donuts and Jabbar’s personal favorite: blueberry cake. Housemade muffins are also available in flavors such as chocolate, apple cinnamon and banana nut. To drink, Boogyz offers Ronnoco drip coffee and more than 50 beverages by the bottle or can. Choose from energy drinks, juice, tea and more.

“You have to have a passion for it. If you don’t put love into anything, it’s just not worth it,” Jabbar says. “When you taste our donuts, you’re going to feel the love behind them.”

Boogyz Donuts is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5am to 2pm and Sunday from 6am to 1pm.

Boogyz Donuts, 6951 Olive Blvd., University City, Missouri, 314.354.8553