A new destination for Thai street food and dessert cups recently debuted in the St. Louis area. Sweetie Cup opened in Valley Park, Missouri, last spring, featuring Thai dishes and unique sweets in a casual setting. The concept comes from co-owners Saengchan Inthichak and Vanvilay Kongkousonh, who both come from a Laos background but lived in Thailand.

"I created this business to follow my dreams as a cook and as a mother. I enjoy making food for my family and for anyone who wants to get a glimpse into what Thailand has to offer,” Inthichak says. “I wanted it to be a fast, casual and family-oriented place where you can find good, affordable grab-and-go food – not anything fancy, but a good home-cooked meal.”

Sweetie Cup Tea

Sweetie Cup’s namesake desserts feature layers of fruit and jelly with coconut milk, syrup and shaved ice.

Sweetie Cup fills an approximately 1,500-square-foot space with around 48 seats. The walls are painted a pale pink shade, embellished with minimal Thai-themed décor for a cozy feel. Inthichak and Kongkousonh collaborated on the restaurant’s recipes, featuring simple comfort food such as curry, pineapple fried rice and pad Thai.

“The food we have on the menu is street food from all over Thailand,” Inthichak says. There is a little bit of Laos cooking like papaya salad and Laos sausage. Other than that, it’s Thai food – more like Isaan style.”

Highlights from the menu include the Crying Tiger beef salad with bite-sized pieces of grilled beef tossed in lime juice, fish sauce and spices. Another popular item is ginger stir fry with ginger, onions, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, peppers and your choice of protein, such as chicken. To pair with the fare, Sweetie Cup offers sweets including bubble tea and their namesake layered desserts.

“When I was young, they would have a dessert in a cup on the streets of Thailand. You can put all kinds of fruits and jelly in it with coconut milk, palm syrup and shaved ice,” Inthichak says. “It’s refreshing and brings me back to those memories.”

Seven varieties of the cups are available on the menu, including Inthichak’s personal favorite: Lod Chong Singapore with tapioca flour noodles, coconut milk, pandan syrup and jackfruit. Another popular pick is the Sweetie Cup Special with red ruby (water chestnuts coated with rice flour), grass jelly, pandan jelly, syrup and coconut milk.

Sweetie Cup is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30am to 2pm for lunch and 4 to 9pm for dinner.

Sweetie Cup Thai Cafe, 2961 Dougherty Ferry Road, St. Louis, Missouri. 636.529.8290, sweetiecupthaicafe.com