Civil Life Brown

You can now find cans of Civil Life's popular American Brown in stores.

Civil Life Brewing Co. fans will now be able to pick up their favorite beer a little closer to home. 

The brewery announced on Twitter that its beers are now available in grocery stores and retail beer stores in the St. Louis area, as of Feb. 21. Until now, cans of Civil Life beer were only available for purchase in southern Illinois and at the brewery itself. 

Hafner says that the distribution comes after the brewery purchased its own canning line last May and continues to see can and draft growth in southern Illinois, as well as in-house as Civil Life's pub. 

As of right now, Civil Life's American Brown, Rye Pale, Cream Ale and Angel & the Sword are all on the market and will be available year-round. Owner Jake Hafner says to also expect special releases every six to eight weeks – right now, the Dry Hop Red is the special release you can find on shelves. 

While Hafner says that the brewery does not have a full list of where Civil Life beer is available, but suggests trying local grocery and beer shops. Regardless, Civil Life fans are excited to be able to pick up their favorite brews without having to make a trip to the brewery. 

"The response has been super positive so far," Hafner says. 

Hafner also says that that fans can keep an eye out over the next few months for news about Civil Life's much-anticipated beer garden.

Editor's note: This post was updated to clarify where cans of Civil Life were available before its St. Louis retail release. 

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