Revel Kitchen Juice Pouches

The pouches are recyclable and reusable. 

The cold-pressed juices at St. Louis' Revel Kitchen now look a little different. Instead of picking up a bottle of the drink to go, you'll get a pouch. 

The restaurant, which sells cold-pressed juice alongside other offerings like smoothies, salads and bowls of all kinds, has switched to a new kind of packaging.

Co-owner Simon Lusky says that the idea came about after a day of work. As he was getting ready to close up shop, he gave a customer a juice that was getting ready to hit its sell-by date so it wouldn't go to waste. The customer loved it, but said that it was an atypical treat – the juice prices were generally too high for him to justify indulging. 

When Lusky started looking into how he could reduce costs – his goal was to be able to take $1 off a bottle of juice – he found his answer.

"It was actually in the packaging," he says. 

Not only were the bottles and the caps expensive, but the cost of shipping the bottles by the pallet, which were made in Florida, was high. And once the bottles did arrive, they took up a ton of space at Revel. 

"I was like, you know, if I could eliminate that, if I could get that down significantly, that could make a really big difference in the price for the customer," Lusky says. 

He found that there was really no less expensive ways to ship the bottles. He also realized that while the bottles were intended to be reusable and recyclable, the likelihood of people making those efforts was lower than he would like, which seemed wasteful.

"That's when we kind of stumbled along this pouch idea," he says. 

The pouch, which Revel Kitchen now uses, is actually made of the exact same material as their previous bottles – just 90 percent less of it. Not only are the pouches less expensive than the bottles, but they were also significantly cheaper to ship to St. Louis. Plus, the pouches are just as reusable and recyclable as their predecessor in addition to being dishwasher safe and BPA-free. 

"It's a win for everybody," Lutsky says. 

The juices now sell for $2.99 per pouch, down $2 (and $3 on Revel's green juice), however they do come in a slightly smaller size. The cold-pressed juices are all sold in 10-ounce servings as opposed to the previous 12-ounce bottles. Lusky says that he is happy that people can now come into Revel and get a juice for about the cost of what some restaurants would charge for a soda. He says that keeps up with Revel's goal of making great quality food more affordable. 

"That's what we're constantly trying to do," he says. 

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