Cheese and Honey STL Tray

Each grazing tray from Cheese and Honey STL is completely unique.

Courtney Troy has always had a penchant for party fare.

The 32-year-old says she was raised in the kitchen baking, cooking and creating with her family. In her 20s, whenever she hosted a soiree or attended one, she’d create a charcuterie board. She developed a reputation for her skills and friends soon suggested she start her own business.

In December, Troy took their advice and launched Cheese and Honey STL, which offers custom grazing trays for events ranging from baby showers and weddings to birthday parties and business meetings. She delivers for free in Kirkwood, Missouri, and delivers in the greater St. Louis area for a $10 delivery fee. Pickup is also available, and prices vary by board.

“I have also really been into crudité boards because they’re so organic and beautiful at the same time,” Troy says. “The best part about these boards has been that each one is unique and has its own flair. I mean it when I say no two boards are alike.” 

Troy says a grazing platter is the first thing people gravitate toward at a party and the last thing they nibble on before they leave. It’s also a great conversation starter. Her goal is to deliver creative and delicious fare. She loves shopping various gourmet markets to uncover a new treat to wow her customers.

“I try to find the most visually stimulating products with the freshest taste,” she says. “A hobby of mine is shopping in specialty food stores to find unique ingredients that step up your common flavors. I’ve recently purchased some goodies from Civil Alchemy in Webster and have had a great experiences there. I love smoked garlic, fresh Parmesan and my new favorite is a lavender confit; it’s delicious on any cheese really. I could honestly eat it with a spoon,” she says. 

Troy was formerly an elementary teacher for nine years but left teaching when her first child was born.

Now a mother of three, she says this is the perfect venture for her because it offers so much flexibility: She's able to be home most of the time, and when she’s working, is able to express her creativity. 

“It’s been the best of both worlds,”  Troy says. “The world we live in can be very chaotic, stressful and worrisome. If I can be a part of people coming together around a board for good conversation, lighter spirits and laughter, my goal of the business would be complete.”

Cheese and Honey is on Instagram at @cheeseandhoneystl. For orders, email

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