The Block Interior

Much like its sister concept The Block, which features an in-house butcher shop, Cleaver and Cocktail will specialize in high-quality meats.

This summer, West County is getting a new restaurant from a familiar name.

The team behind The Block and 58hundred – Marc and Amy Del Pietro and Lea and Brian Doherty – has announced plans to open Cleaver and Cocktail in late summer of 2021. The restaurant will be located at the new Blacksmith Grove development at 13360 Clayton Road in Town and Country.

Much like The Block, which also features a full in-house butcher shop, the menu at Cleaver and Cocktail will be locally sourced and meat-forward with one particular star of the restaurant: a front-of-house aging room. Marc Del Pietro and Brian Doherty will oversee the menu, which will spotlight high-quality steaks dry-aged in house alongside several meat and fish options.

Guests will get a firsthand look at those dry-aged meats thanks to a glass wall that will separate the main dining room from the drying chamber. The racks of meat will serve as their own sort of decoration for the restaurant. 

“We will dry age the meats in a room with precise temperature control and forced humidity to start the growth of good bacteria – bacteria you would find in blue cheese, in Brie, et cetera – so you’ll taste the richness of those foods in our meat,” Marc Del Pietro said in a press release. “The process will also change the characteristics of the enzymes in the meat, making it more tender and delicious. The difference between wet- and dry-aged meat is like the difference between grape juice and wine. Grape juice can be refreshing, but wine is more complex.”

The 4,774-square-foot space will also feature a patio, featuring views of an on-property lake, and plenty of both indoor and outdoor seating. 

“We want people to feel comfortable there,” Amy Del Pietro said in the release. “It will be a welcoming place. We want it to be a huge part of the neighborhood – that’s super important to us. If you want to bring your kids, bring your kids. If you want to meet a girlfriend there for happy hour, you should feel comfortable, whether you’re dressed up in your Sunday best or you’re coming from a workout. It will be open to everybody.”

More as we learn it.

Cleaver and Cocktail, 13360 Clayton Road, Town and Country, Missouri