Ice Pops From Poptimism

Seasonal flavors like peach-basil, cantaloupe-mint and cucumber-lime are some of the offerings from Poptimism. 

Things are about to get a little sweeter at City Foundry.

Poptimism will be one of the tenants at St. Louis' upcoming food hall, featuring a few new treats in addition to its popular ice pops. 

When the highly anticipated City Foundry opens sometime next year, Poptimism, the ice pop company from Whisk: A Sustainable Bake Shop, will be on hand to serve ice-cold treats at its own counter. Chef-owner Kaylen Wissinger says that in addition to the creative ice pops it has become known for, Poptimism will also be serving two new treats: homemade soft-serve ice cream and boozy ice pops, both of which will be produced out of the Whisk kitchen.

Wissinger says she really had no interest in making conventional ice cream, given that there are so many places that make great ice cream in St. Louis. But by opting for soft-serve, which she doesn't see a ton of people making here in St. Louis, she feels she can get creative with it while supporting local dairies like Rolling Lawn Farms and incorporating more aspects from her bakery.

"We'll be doing fun, crazy flavors that you can't get at McDonalds," she says. "I want to make cookie bowls to serve the soft serve out of, I want to make homemade waffle cones for them. We haven't had a whole lot of time just yet to start doing R&D, but once the summer quiets down, that's top of my priority list." 

Soft-serve ice cream will be available exclusively at City Foundry, and Wissinger hints that flavors could include ideas like caramel pretzel swirl or matcha.

On the boozy ice pops front, Wissinger is already is talks with some folks at local distillery StilL630, but she can't sell them just yet. Plus, she is still in the development stage for some of her ideas, which she has been experimenting with and making for friends for the past couple of years. And since alcohol doesn't freeze, the boozy pops require some creative solutions. 

"I'm excited to have a reason to start playing with that stuff again," she says. 

And for those who love the Poptimism ice pop truck and have maybe caught it at 9 Mile Garden this summer, don't worry – it's not going anywhere. 

City Foundry STL, 3700 Forest Park Ave., Midtown, St. Louis, Missouri,