Cellar + Plate, a popular wine bar that opened in Springfield, Missouri, in December 2016, has new owners.

The intimate wine bar with white leather sofas nestled in the corner is known for its innovative tapas, luscious wines, chef’s dinners, a drag brunch and cooking classes. But fans need not worry: You won’t see big changes anytime soon.

Owner Mary Guccione has sold the business to Shawn Kraft and chef Johnson Tan, who both have extensive experience in the restaurant industry. “We want to continue doing what Mary has been doing,” Kraft says. “It’s been very successful. She’s created a feeling of community, of family, and that’s not going away.”

Kraft and Tan, who were both regular customers at Cellar + Plate, are longtime friends who are going into business together for the first time. Kraft owns Nonna’s Italian Cafe downtown, and Casper’s, a joint known for its burgers and chili. Tan, meanwhile, is a well-respected chef and owns Ocean Zen and 5 Spice China Grill with his brother, John.  

Kraft and Guccione also have a side business guiding tours to Italy. When Guccione expressed interest in selling Cellar + Plate, Kraft knew he wanted to be the one to buy it. “I love everything it stands for and I love wine,” he says.

Come January, guests can expect to see a few new menu items at Cellar + Plate, but old favorites – such as the Brussels sprouts, meatballs and seafood ravioli with pistachio cream sauce – aren’t going anywhere. Tan will help design the menu and serve as a mentor to current chef Luis Peralta. A class on limoncello is also planned for the upcoming months.

Kraft is known for his passion of all things Italian, but when asked if Italian wines would dominate the menu, he chuckles.

“Italian wines are my favorite, but there will be [both] new world and old world wines,” Kraft says. “We are going to have fun playing with the chef dinners. The biggest change is I am going to be on the other side of the counter now.”

Cellar + Plate, 2916 S. Lone Pine Ave., Springfield, Missouri, cellarandplate.com