Prairie Pie Kit

Learn to lattice like a pro with Prairie Pie's new kit.

If you've dreamt of channeling your inner Martha Stewart by one day making a pie with the perfect lattice top, now is your time to shine, or at least make an attempt. Eleanor Taylor, owner of Prairie Pie in Springfield, Missouri, and a huge Stewart fan herself, is now selling caramel apple pie kits with detailed directions and an instructional video.

The kit, which is available for sale on the Prairie Pie website, comes with all the ingredients you need to make a caramel apple pie, from the apples down to the extra flour to prepare your rolling surface.

"A lot of people are baking at home during this time, and I wanted to offer an easy way to make Prairie Pie," Taylor says. Since launching the kits, she's enjoyed getting pictures of customers' pie creations. She's quick to offer encouragement to self-critics and tips for making the pie just as pretty as it is tasty.

Taylor's high-quality ingredients are pretty foolproof, meaning even the most amateur pie baker can succeed with the kit. And if all else fails, you'll finish the task with a newfound appreciation for Taylor's process and skills, making all your future bites of Prairie Pie a little bit sweeter. 

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