Brunch is usually reserved for weekend indulgences, but in Springfield, The Order is making the meal an everyday reality.

The Order restaurant manager Dylan Rauhoff and executive chef Zachary White saw a demand for weekday brunch and rose to the occasion. “I think we have an opportunity to do something that downtown doesn’t really have,” White says. “We don’t have a brunch place open all day long. At The Order, we do specific things on our brunch menu that you can’t get at any breakfast spot. So for us, this is a unique opportunity to showcase what we do really well.”

The new brunch service will have two iterations: One for the weekdays, and a separate menu for weekends. “Throughout the week, we have four or five different sandwiches and salads,” Rauhoff explains. “Guests can order a combination of those two items; it’s a nice way to have a light lunch. Sandwiches and salads are popular for lunch, but we have guests who come down later and want breakfast items. Now all of our clientele can have the best of both worlds.”

The weekday brunch menu is three pages full of “the best of both worlds”, in Rauhoff's words. Eggs Benedict, The Full Ritual, The Cuban and other dishes are available on weekdays, though certain delicacies are reserved for weekends. You’ll have to visit The Order on a Saturday or Sunday to have a smoked salmon Benedict, for instance. The restaurant will be serving bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys every day, but they will be made behind the bar during the week.

Rauhoff, White and their staff at The Order are excited about this new change and hopes it serves both hotel guests and the community well. “The brunch really matches our brand, so we’re excited to offer it every day. It’s a fun environment where you can have that formal feel without needing to get dressed up,” Rauhoff says. “Plus, everyone needs bottomless mimosas at least once per week, right?”

The Order, 305 E. Walnut St., Springfield, Missouri (located inside Hotel Vandivort), 417.832.1515,