Tortilleria Perches

One of the restaurant’s early claims to fame was its warm homemade corn tortillas made fresh every day.

When you indulge in a meal at Tortilleria Perches in Springfield, Missouri, you would be remiss to order a dish without the restaurant's legendary corn tortillas. Considering takeout tonight in Springfield? Try the chicos tacos. 

The chicos tacos are a dish you can't find at every Mexican joint. Five deep-fried taquitos made from the tortilleria's corn tortillas are smothered in a red tomato and chile sauce and topped with shredded cheese. If you need something to balance the richness, it's also served with a side of rice. 

If you are looking for something a little less messy, Tortilleria Perches offers a classic Mexican menu with everything from chimichangas to tortas to plates loaded with their specialty meats and rice. If you want to celebrate Taco Tuesday, Tortilleria Perches also has a special deal for you: Pork, chicken and ground beef tacos are just $1. 

Tortilleria Perches is offering its menu for curbside pickup and delivery. 

Tortilleria Perches, 1601 W. Sunshine St., Springfield, Missouri,