European Café Cardamom Buns

The cardamom buns at European Café feature a raw sugar syrup glaze.

Springfield, meet the cinnamon roll's close cousin, the cardamom bun. Although these buttery knotted pastries are very common in European coffee shops, they are still a rarity in many American cities. But luckily, sisters Khrystyna Savva and Uliana Komodi have brought this treat to Springfield as a seasonal offering at European Café, reserved specifically for Saturdays.

"Our baker developed her own recipe that works with our local ingredients, so now Springfield can see what Europe’s obsession with cardamom buns is about," Savva says.

As far as taste and texture, cardamom buns are traditionally less sweet but just as soft as a cinnamon roll, making them a perfect breakfast companion. In lieu of icing, European Café's cardamom buns feature a raw sugar syrup glaze.

For the time being, you can snag one on Saturday mornings from the pastry case. But if you want to stake your claim early or order multiple, be on the lookout for an online pre-order option coming soon.

Savva recommends pairing your caradmom bun with a spiced-up French press, which includes all the best fall spices, cardamom included. European Café serves it with a blend of raw sugar and condensed milk.

European Café, 207 Park Central East, Springfield, Missouri, 417.986.4646,