Hot Cluckers Sandwich

Feeling brave? Turn up the spice level up all the way to Hot Mother Clucker.

Since opening in late 2018, Hot Cluckers has given the Springfield community the gift of Nashville-style fried chicken. So if a craving calls for a fried chicken sandwich, it's equally easy and deliciously rewarding to support local.

Although the menu has ample options for family-style takeout with ½ bird and whole bird options, it doesn't leave out those seeking single servings. Offerings like the ¼ bird and the fried chicken sandwich are the perfect serving size for one.

To give the chicken a juicy texture and its spicy flavor, Hot Cluckers brines, breads and fries it before topping it off with a cross between a dry rub and a sauce. You can choose your own spice level, which ranges from Nancy (no spice) all the way to Hot Mother Clucker.

Don't forget to also bring home a side of your favorite fried side, like fried pickles, okra or green tomatoes.

Hot Cluckers, 1450 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, Missouri,