Good Clean Wine Products

Good Clean Wine offers red, white and sparkling wines.

Elle Feldman and Courtney Dunlop, creators of the Good Skin Lifestyle company, crave the good things in life, like dewy skin and delicious wine. And they want these things for everyone, which is why they've gone to great lengths to produce their own wine label, Good Clean Wine

The two originally started Good Clean Lifestyle by providing skincare services, products and advice to clients in the Springfield, Missouri, area. They began serving carefully chosen imported wine at events, often brought back in wine suitcases from European travels, and clients started noticing that they weren’t experiencing negative effects on their skin when they enjoyed a glass or two.

“Most people assume that if you are taking good care of your skin, then you need to cut out wine,” explains Dunlop. “But there is a way to enjoy wine and not get the flushing, puffiness and headaches. Those side effects usually don’t come from the grapes or fermentation. They come from all the added dyes, fake flavors, extra sulfites and toxic pesticides.”

The pair realized that finding minimally processed wine in the United States wasn’t easy. “It’s not that it doesn’t exist; it just takes research and wine knowledge to find it," Feldman says. "But most people don’t have time for that, nor should they have to be a wine expert to easily find quality, clean wine. We are doing the work for them.”

"Our wine brand is designed for the customer who wants to pair wine with their healthy lifestyle," continues Feldman, who also owned the now-shuttered Elle's Patisserie. "We aren’t saying wine is good for you. But, if you want to have a glass of wine with your dinner or a glass of rosé at the pool, it should not make you feel bad.”

Currently, they produce four wines under the label: a red and a white from the Tuscan coast of Maremma in Grosseto, Italy, and a spumante and a rosé spumante from Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy, where Feldman and Dunlop have traveled several times. Feldman, who is a level one sommelier, says these regions have everything needed to make clean, easy-drinking wine, like first-rate soil, ideal temperatures and biodiverse farming practices.

"The Tuscan coast is a spot that is quickly becoming a favorite for artisanal producers," says Feldman. "It's a lesser-known wine region whose grapes are ripe for taking center stage. And Emilia-Romagna specializes in light sparkling wines with fine, elegant bubbles. We want people to see our sparkling wine not just as a celebratory drink but as something you can easily enjoy on a regular Tuesday afternoon."

Feldman and Dunlop defined flavor profiles and offer pairing suggestions for each of the wines: 

  • Good Clean Red: Notes of tart red cherry, plum, fig and a hint of dry roses. Pairs well with red meats and lightly seasoned dishes.
  • Good Clean White: Notes of melon, yellow apple and succulent flowers. Pairs well with seafood and vegetables.
  • Good Clean Spumante: Notes of apple, lush blossoms and white peach. Pairs well with vegetables or seafood risotto, fall harvest foods or fried chicken.
  • Good Clean Spumante Rosé: Notes of red cherry, strawberry and dewy spring blossoms. Pairs well with vegetables, seafood, donuts or brunch. 

You can purchase Good Clean Wine products at, and get it shipped to any location in the U.S. except Utah. The wines are also available in Springfield at the Harter House at 1625 S. Eastgate Avenue. 

Good Clean Wine, 1460 E Cherry St, Springfield, Missouri,