Cherry Picker Cheese Board

Cherry Picker now offers a $30 fromage and wine special to-go.

From day one, Cherry Picker Package x Fare's cheese board has been a menu staple. Couples and friends have split the offering countless times on the community patio but for now, you can recreate the experience in your own backyard with your favorite quarantine buddy. Currently, Cherry Picker is running a $30 special on its to-go cheese board kit for two with select bottles of wine.

Each board comes with four curated types of cheese, Dijon mustard, apple butter, herb butter, whole-grain baguette slices, dried mango and cherries, cashews and olives. The sweet, salty, tangy, soft, and crunchy extras reach full perfection when followed by a bite of aged cheese and a sip of wine.

Choose from five wines:

  • Anciano 5yr Tempranillo
  • Roquesante Provincial Rosé
  • Moletto Prosecco
  • Lubanzi Chenin Blanc
  • Oveja Negra Cabernet Franc

When placing an order for carryout or curbside pickup, you can inquire about which wine will match your mood. Cherry Picker's temporary reduced hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 7am to 7pm.

Cherry Picker Package x Fare, 601 S. Pickwick Ave., Springfield, Missouri, 417.986.580