Secret Sandwich Shop The Eurbano from

The Eurbano riffs on the classic Cuban with three meats and spicy giardiniera.

Tucked away in the back of the new Sweet Boy's Neighborhood Bar, Secret Sandwich Shop certainly fits the description of a hidden gem. The indoor food stand extended its hours this week, so you can now grab a sandwich for lunch or dinner Wednesday through Saturday.

According to owner Mack Musgrave, The Eurbano has been a fan favorite. The sandwich is a riff on a classic Cuban and features Secret Sandwich Shop's signature mojo pork, pork terrine and thinly sliced prosciutto. It's topped with Swiss cheese and gets a touch of spice with giardiniera and some tang with mustard. Following the tradition, it all comes piled on traditional Cuban bread.

In addition to The Eurbano, Secret Sandwich also serves five other staple sandwiches and one daily secret sandwich. The lunch menu features salads and rotating sides as well.

Musgrave says he tries to make as many items from scratch as possible, including the pork terrine, mojo pork, meatballs and black garlic red sauce. He also sources ingredients from local farmers.

"I love sandwiches, the hospitality industry here and just Springfield in general," Musgrave says. "I have wanted to do this for a long time. I even make it a point to try every city's best sandwich shop when I visit. The planets aligned just right, and this opportunity became a reality. I feel incredibly lucky."

Secret Sandwich Shop (inside Sweet Boy's Neighborhood Bar), 310 South Ave., Springfield, Missouri,