Thanks to Lacy Adamson, you can now take a trip to a coastal café without leaving Springfield, Missouri. Earlier this year, Adamson expanded Maritime, her beloved food truck, with a brick-and-mortar location, serving seafood and coffee under one roof. The menu features everything from pancakes and breakfast sandwiches to shrimp baskets and salads. And with more than 40 drink options, the coffee menu doesn’t disappoint; try the best-selling Candy Bar Frappuccinos. You can still occasionally find her food truck, too, at the Ozark Farmers Market in nearby Ozark, Missouri.

What inspired you to open a brick-and-mortar café? I love seafood and coffee, and you don’t really hear about those two things together very often. So I decided I was going to be the first person in Springfield to offer them together. [My fiancé and I] opened the food truck first, and learned what everybody liked. We had a really good first season. With all the craze, we decided it might be a good idea to open a restaurant.

How does the restaurant’s menu differ from the food truck? With this new restaurant, we’ve been focusing more on the seafood aspect of our business. We have about 30 different shrimp [dishes]. One of our most popular right now is the Spicy Yum Yum; we grill the shrimp and cook it in our [Asian-inspired] Yum Yum sauce and top it with spicy aïoli. We have people who come in from the food truck and order things that aren’t even on the menu – sort of like secret items, like the Korean kalbi Nachos in a Bag, with Korean kalbi beef, lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, green chile, cilantro, lemon juice and Colby-Monterey Jack cheese, all inside a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos.

What’s your hope for the new location? We want to be known for our fresh food. I just hope that it continues to draw in people, and that when they come here, they feel comfortable.

Maritime, 525 S. Kimbrough Ave., Springfield, Missouri,

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Tessa is a freelance writer and photographer in Springfield, Missouri. She enjoys the finer things in life like cappuccinos and free samples.

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