Springfield, Missouri, welcomed its first ramen house this summer when OMO Japanese Soul Food opened in the Chesterfield Village shopping center. Owner Tingting Liu, who also co-owns Hula Hawaiian Kitchen, has stacked the menu with her favorite Japanese dishes including okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese pancake studded with cabbage and topped with green onion, a house sauce and lime mayo, and tender gyoza, traditional pan-fried dumplings.

In addition to a decent sushi selection and a handful of curries, the real star is the ramen. Simply choose your toppings, one of four broths and ramen or udon noodles. Settle in for an over-sized bowl of comfort filled with a soft-boiled egg steeped in housemade soy broth plus corn, green onion, Japanese fish cakes, bamboo shoots and a slice of seaweed.

OMO Japanese Soul Food, 2101 W. Chesterfield St., Springfield, Missouri, 417.755.7214, facebook.com/omo-japanese-soul-food-1907678472838615