Lavish Grazing and Mothers Collab Box

This year, treating your dad to an expertly curated charcuterie spread with beer pairings is super simple, thanks to two Springfield favorites. In celebration of Father's Day, Mother's Brewing Company and Lavish Grazing Springfield are now accepting online orders for their charcuterie box and beer collaboration.

"The approach that we and Lavish Grazing took with these pairings was to find flavors that were ultimately complementary," says David Soper, chief production officer at Mother's. "They had already put together meats, cheeses and fruits that created a cohesive experience, so at that point, the group's goal was to choose beers that amplify specific flavors within that experience while also creating a dynamic experience that flowed from pairing to pairing."

The $54.99 special includes a $10 gift card to Mother's and a variety of pairings:

  • Lil' Helper, a pale ale, paired with goat cheese covered in spicy honey: "The flavor of the beer was made to be paired with flavors and this does exactly that," says Elizabeth VanMetre, who co-owns Lavish Grazing with Mollie Wilson. "It's definitely Eastern-Asian inspired in the most charcuterie way possible."
  • Cobra Scare, a sour wheat, paired with Blue Stilton: "Cobra Scare has a sour flavor and deserves a cheese that really has a bold flavor to match," VanMetre says. "Blue Stilton will be paired with this. Listen, we know a lot of people don't like blue cheese, but we say if you don't like it, it's because you're not trying the right one. The one in this box is high quality and all taste. This is one where you will taste the beer's flavors enhanced."
  • Imperial Grind, a coffee stout, paired with Brie, fruit and chocolate: "The Imperial Grind is the dark beer, and, if you smell, it will give you that strong smell of coffee," notes VanMetre. "It sort of felt sexy to us. So we started it with a really familiar cheese, Brie. The Brie will have a luxe jam on top along with strawberries and cherries. And it will end with a piece of chocolate to pull this full flavor profile together."

Lavish Grazing began catering grazing spreads in Springfield this past November. "We are a new business, so to have such a Springfield staple be so down to put us under their wing and see the visions we see has been so awesome," VanMetre says. "Your dad will look at this and as he unpacks the box while trying beers he will realize just how much is inside. There are lots of surprises in the layers of Lavish Boxes."

The collaboration boxes are available for ordering on Square

Lavish Grazing,

Mother's Brewing Co., 215 S. Grant Ave., Springfield, Missouri, 417.862.0423,