The Press Coffee & Juice Bar Tacos

Tacos include gluten-free hard shell with spicy pork bulgogi, soft shell with teriyaki chicken and vegan lettuce with flash fried tofu.

You can make any day Taco Tuesday with street tacos from The Press Coffee & Juice Bar. These tacos can bring a little cheer to your lunch hour in a build-your-own format.

First, pick your shell. Choose between a crunchy corn tortilla or a soft flour tortilla. Or, make it even healthier by opting for a lettuce shell rather than a corn or flour shell. Next up is the protein. Options include beef bulgogi (thinly sliced sirloin beef marinated in Korean sauce), grilled teriyaki chicken, crispy chicken, spicy pork, tofu or vegan Impossible meat.

The optional toppings are shredded greens, shredded cheese and housemade pico de gallo. And don't forget to choose your own sauce; The Press offers a lengthy list of sauce options, ranging from sweet and tart pineapple sauce to bold and spicy gogi sauce. These tacos are as customizable as it gets. You can even order your taco as gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan.

Right now, The Press is offering 40 percent off all lunch orders between 11am and 7pm. The restaurant is also serving up build-your-own taco kits for families, making it easy to feed and please a crew of five for $49.99. The kit includes 15 shells, your protein of choice, shredded greens, pico de gallo and a sauce.

The Press Coffee & Juice Bar, 2710 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417.771.5950,