Team Taco

A trio of tacos from Team Taco

As of earlier this month, Team Taco is back at it dishing out to-go orders after a brief hiatus amid COVID-19. How long is too long to go without access to their cotija cheese and Rojo sauce? We can't give a definite answer, but we can say that those two and a half months went by pretty slowly.

But during the downtime, Team Taco owners Brent Sonnemaker, Cary Harris, Daniel Stern and Doug Riddle (aka the Skeleton Crew) were drafting up plans for ways to make their operation as safe as possible in light of the pandemic. With the addition of a handy takeout door, the ordering process is now streamlined and contactless.

Customers can head on over for some take-home lunch or dinner and also get a peek at Team Taco's patio redesign progress.

The offerings aren't limited; you can still find all of your favorite tacos on the menu. Go all-in with the three for $9.99 special, which allows you to choose from five different tacos:

  • Redbird: chicken in rojo sauce
  • Globetrotter: pork belly with salsa verde
  • Tofu-King: fried tofu with carrot slaw
  • Groundskeeper: carrot and zucchini with salsa verde
  • Average Joe: ground beef, shredded lettuce and Cheddar cheese

With the recent spike in the price of beef, the B.A. Baracus with brisket in Rojo sauce is no longer included in the special, but you can order it separately for $5.

Team Taco is still serving alcoholic beverages, including its house Margarita and pomegranate-jalapeño Margarita, so take one home to wash it all down. 

Team Taco, 1454 East Cherry St., Springfield, Missouri,