Café Cusco Colorado Skewers

This Peruvian favorite packs flavor into chicken and yellow pepper mashed potatoes.

With chicken cooked in warming spices served over mashed potatoes, the Colorado Skewers from Café Cusco in Springfield, Missouri, certainly fall in the comfort food category.

The meal's main protein is chicken, and thanks to the chipotle and panca pepper sauce, tons of flavors are at play in every bite. The café serves this meal on skewers, so it travels well as a to-go item.

The skewers rest on a bed of mashed potatoes that have a striking yellow hue thanks to the addition of yellow peppers; the tangy pico de gallo and cilantro also provide a colorful garnish.

Café Cusco offers a robust vegan menu as well, and its menu conveniently lists which meals are vegetarian and gluten-free.

Café Cusco, 234 E. Commercial St., Springfield, Missouri, 417.868.8088,