Sno Bubble Tea

The traditional misugaru-flavored bingsu is topped with azuki beans (sweet red beans), mochi and sliced almonds.

Food court refreshments at Battlefield Mall in Springfield, Missouri, are not what you’d expect. At Sno Bubble Tea, bubble tea with chewy tapioca balls and a delicious top layer of foam dominates the menu, but this month, we’re going for the bingsu – and so should you.

Owner Alice Oh describes the Korean dessert as shaved ice meets ice cream because it manages a crunchy and creamy texture at the same time. While flavors range from strawberry to matcha to coffee, the misugaru-flavored bingsu is the most traditional.

Misugaru – a protein-packed multigrain powder primarily made from beans and rice – gives the frozen concoction an earthy quality, and it’s topped with azuki beans (sweet red beans), mochi and sliced almonds, which reminds Oh of the bingsu her mom used to make from scratch every summer.

Sno Bubble Tea, 2825 S. Glenstone Ave., Suite 08, Springfield, Missouri,