Kung Fu Taco

Jay Jungs new Springfield, Missouri, restaurant combines signature Korean flavors and fast-casual fare.

Little Korea opened on South National Avenue in Springfield, Missouri, in 2019, but owner Jay Jung already has a new vision for the space.

Kung Fu Taco combines signature Korean flavors and the handheld namesake of the restaurant. The new concept will still be a full-service restaurant, but diners can expect their tacos to come out of the kitchen much quicker than the individual hot pots from Little Korea.

Jung and his team have been doing market research on taco flavors for several months, and since Kung Fu Taco’s soft opening, the menu has continued to evolve in response to customer feedback.

Try the beef bulgogi taco, which is both brown sugar sweet and gochujang spicy, or the “Red Dragon” with deep-fried shrimp and housemade spicy mayonnaise. Looking for a vegetarian option? You can’t go wrong with either the garlic-grilled cauliflower taco or the deep-fried tofu taco drizzled with housemade wasabi mayonnaise.

The appetizer list also boasts shareable plates such as fried pork and vegetable dumplings, crab rangoon and takoyaki (grilled Japanese pancake balls filled with octopus and topped with green onion and wasabi mayonnaise). The sweet potato waffle fries covered with beef bulgogi and served with a side of kimchi are also garnering attention.

Whether you stop in for lunch or dinner, don’t overlook the rice bowls. Loaded with spring greens, soft-boiled eggs and proteins such as deep-fried chicken, garlic-grilled shrimp and pork bulgogi, they also come with a cup of miso soup.

The dishes are all affordable, and fans should keep an eye out for Jung’s creative selection of nachos and burritos, coming soon.

Kung Fu Taco, 3354 S. National Ave., Springfield, Missouri, 417.409.3478, facebook.com/Kungfu-Taco-110001134561299