Perfecting a lunch menu has been on Kingdom Coffee's to-do list for years. According to co-owner Chris McGuire, their goal has always been to offer affordable, light fare that complements their drinks without sacrificing quality.

"We have been working on a lunch food program for almost two years now," McGuire says. "We went back and forth trying to think of something that was creative, but also simple, that also fit our style. We have been changing our aesthetics to create a more fun and welcoming space. We wanted the food to mirror that."

And with the help of Angel Beason, Kingdom's culinary director, the coffee shop finally launched its first full lunch menu that checks all those boxes.

"My main goal for this year was to do one single menu consult and get my name out there a little bit," Beason says. "My good friend Jess Duffy, the shop manager here, randomly told me one day that they were trying to put out a lunch menu and they weren't exactly sure on what all would go into that."

Knowing Beason's background working in local restaurants and passion for making vegetable-forward dishes, Duffy suggested that she help create the menu. After collaborating with the owners, the final result includes three sandwiches, house-made beet and sweet potato chips and a seasonal skewer.

The three sandwiches are either fruit or vegetable-centered with some form of protein:

  • Jammy Egg & Pesto, an open-faced sandwich with tomato, sprouts, a runny egg and pesto on rye bread.
  • Bacon, Fruit, & Cheese Sandwich, a grilled sandwich with bacon, white cheddar, peaches and aioli and served with house-made root chips.
  • Fresh Veggie Sandwich with cucumber, tomato, sprouts and lemon goat cheese and served with house-made root chips.

Just like Kingdom's specialty drinks, these specific offerings are subject to ebb and flow. "As fruits and vegetables go in and out of season, we'll either change a few things up on a certain sandwich, or we'll switch out a few of the sandwiches entirely," Beason says.

Specifically, customers can expect the skewer to change often. Currently, it features summer fruits including blackberries and peaches with prosciutto, basil and mozzarella served on a kebab.

Beason also educates the staff on how to offer drinking pairing suggestions to customers. For example, she suggests the ginger plumb hibiscus iced tea as an easy-drinking companion for any of the offerings and an Ethiopia pour over to highlight the savory flavors in the Jammy Egg & Pesto.

"If you think about it, fine dining restaurants are pairing every single food item with wine," she says. "I think coffee shops also need to start pairing their food with their coffee and other drinks."

Kingdom Coffee, 211 S. Market Ave. #100, Springfield, Missouri, 417.350.1234,