Little Korea Chicken Jaeyook

This spicy Korean barbecue dish is one of the restaurant's most popular to-go items.

Little Korea is perhaps best known for its individual hot pots served in-house, but the Springfield, Missouri, restaurant also offers a robust to-go menu. Owner Jay Jung says the chicken jaeyook is one dish they seem to box up for takeout over and over again.

This customer favorite is a classic Korean barbecue dish made with fresh onion, carrot and green onion that packs a bit of a punch. It's served with rice and an array of traditional Korean sides, like kimchi, soy-glazed potatoes, spicy cabbage and bean sprout soup. The dish can also be ordered with beef or pork if you prefer.

If those sides aren't enough, you can also add on some appetizers like crab rangoon, spring rolls and egg rolls. In particular, we like the beef kimbab, which is made with rice, egg, carrot, pickled radish and beef, all wrapped in nori seaweed.

Little Korea, 3354 South National Ave., Springfield, Missouri,