Love it or fear it: Summer vacation is upon us. Start planning what you’re going to do with your family or how you’re going to get a necessary break. Whether you’re looking for a family retreat, a romantic getaway, a weekend with friends or some much-needed solitude, head down to Edg-Clif Farms & Vineyard in Potosi, Missouri, less than two hours from St. Louis.

Edg-Clif produces award-winning wines that highlight Missouri-grown grapes. The winery offers three distinct cottages available for an overnight stay that sit on the 550-acre property teeming with creeks, wild flora and fauna, nearby state parks and rivers, numerous hiking trails and more. Plus, Edg-Clif has a brewery on site if that beverage more suits your fancy.

Award-Winning Wines

Spotlight: Edg-Clif Chambourcin

Edg-Clif has 4½ acres devoted to Chambourcin, which was the first grape planted on the property in 2008.

Edg-Clif produces 14 different wines throughout the year. There is something for all palates, from dry to sweet, bold to subtle, bright and crisp to rounded and jammy. Awarded at the Missouri Wine Competition, Edg-Clif’s Chambourcin, Vidal Blanc and Vignoles have received gold, silver and bronze medals throughout the past few years. These wines are carefully crafted, the vineyards are hand-tended and everything is meticulously cared for to produce top-quality products year after year.

Edg-Clif has 4½ acres devoted to Chambourcin, which was the first grape planted on the property in 2008. It makes 10 different wines utilizing this distinct fruit, but the straightforward, unadulterated Chambourcin is the winery’s best-selling bottle. It’s a dry red wine, jammy and light-bodied. Edg-Clif chooses to steel-age this particular wine, which results in an easy-to-drink, crowd-pleasing and delicious red wine that still maintains plenty of complexities of a big, bold red.

Vidal Blanc is the newest varietal produced by Edg-Clif, with 1 acre of the property dedicated to the notoriously cantankerous grape. Luckily, Edg-Clif is knocking it out of the park, especially considering its Vidal Blanc has won gold medals in the past. This wine is dry, crisp and has tropical citrus notes throughout. The light body makes it refreshing in the summer months, and its fruity character pairs well with a picnic lunch, fresh seafood and herbaceous dishes.

Another single-acre grown grape, Vignoles grows on the highest side on the hill for best results. Although the grape isn’t necessarily challenging to grow, it’s a particular favorite of birds, so the winery nets this area of the vineyard for protection. Supremely aromatic, the Vignoles has a beautiful balance of fruit to acid and is full of green apple and stone fruits across the palate. Perfect for that fresh fruit and cheese tray you might enjoy while exploring the property, the Vignoles is a gorgeous wine for the summer months.

Staying at Edg-Clif

Spotlight: Edg-Clif Cottages

Edg-Clif has three unique cottages on the property for a group of friends, a couple, a full family or a solo adventure. 

Edg-Clif has three unique cottages for a group of friends, a couple, a full family or a solo adventure. Each features a unique setting, and all are surrounded by the best nature has to offer. Each cottage is an original farmhouse located on the acres of farms that made up the property before Edg-Clif acquired the land. Over 100 years old, these houses have all been renovated with modern convenience while maintaining rustic charm.

Closest to the main road and the tasting room, The Vineyard Cottage offers the most convenience. You’ll be able to access the winery with ease and also be able to quickly get back on the road to travel to local attractions. Open up the windows to see all of the planted vineyards, and at night, enjoy the stars while roasting s’mores on the fire pit.

True to its name, The Stone Cottage is made of stone, which gives it a distinct appearance and ambiance, and was once the caretaker’s home. Looking over the cliffs on the property, The Stone Cottage offers the most stunning views. It’s the smallest of the cottages, so this is perfect for those looking for something intimate and cozy. It’s also the closest walk to the winery and offers a wonderful, natural setting.

Spotlight: Edg-Clif Clover Cottage

The Clover Cottage at Edg-Clif is one of three unique options for an overnight stay.

The gem of the property, The Clover Cottage sits on the back of the grounds, nearly a mile from the main road. This is the largest of the available cottages, fit for adventurous groups and families who like to be in the middle of nature. You’ll find plenty of hiking opportunities and the chance to surround yourself with trees, animals, flowers and fauna.

Edg-Clif winery is well worth the drive wherever you live in the region. It offers something for everyone, whether it be award-winning wines, craft beer, beautiful views, weekend trips and more. This summer, reconnect with the family, find your getaway with your spouse, get a much-needed break – all with an escape to Edg-Clif.

Edg-Clif Farms & Vineyards, 10035 Edg-Clif Drive, Potosi, Missouri, 573.438.4741,