Sizzling, charcoal-seared burgers and chops from a kettle grill taste like the perfect summer evening. Weber Grill Restaurant recreates the feeling, from perfectly grilled USDA Prime bone-in rib-eye or Tuscan chicken at its restaurant at the Saint Louis Galleria, to hands-on grilling classes at the first-of-its-kind Weber Grill Academy, to helping you recreate your own backyard experience with its catering and carryout services.

Weber Grill’s history began in 1952 when George Stephen Sr. invented the first Weber kettle grill by cutting a Weber Brothers Metal Works’ marine buoy in half and adding air vents and legs. A father of 12, Stephen Sr. wanted to find a way to help his wife cook and feed the family. His love for barbecue and grilling inspired him to seek a way to build his own grill, which introduced a new backyard lifestyle to families across the nation. Six decades later, Weber is still owned and run by the Stephen family, with five Weber Grill Restaurants in the Midwest and an international Weber Grill Academy program.

Executive chef Nick Freije says St. Louis was chosen as a new location because Stephen Sr.’s wife, Marge, is from the Clayton area. All of its ingredients are locally sourced, and Freije crafts featured dishes on the menu to highlight seasonal elements, from grill-roasted crab cakes to Beer Can Chicken to wild-caught grilled grouper with tomato-basil relish, which diners can watch cook on the four industrial-sized Weber grills in the open kitchen. Soon, the restaurant will be transitioning to a Weber-branded, Missouri-made, all-natural charcoal, according to Freije.

“We feature a classic, American menu with a little something for everyone,” says Weber sales and marketing manager Erin Shovlin. “We do have some wonderful barbecue items like pulled pork, brisket and ribs, as well as items such as steaks, seafood, burgers and salads. We have several vegetarian options, too.”

The St. Louis Weber location also features the Weber Grill Academy – the first brick and mortar of its kind in the U.S. and the first academy to be a part of a restaurant internationally. The custom-designed learning facility has public grilling classes twice a week, where guests learn techniques and tips from trained chefs. Think options like Charcoal & Gas Grilling 1.0, Smoking 1.0, Pizza on the Grill and a popular competition-style Burger Battle. It also offers private grilling classes, interactive dining and corporate team-building events.

Weber’s catering branch, Weber on Wheels, caters events from as small as a family of four to as large as 4,000 attendees. Customers can choose from a range of options including its signature party platter, featuring plank-grilled bourbon Atlantic salmon, grilled New York strip steak, Caesar salad with shaved Parmesan, roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, grilled asparagus and pretzel rolls with Cheddar butter. Another popular choice is the build-your-own burger bar with ½-pound USDA-certified Angus beef burgers, turkey burgers and grilled portobello mushrooms. Catering packages, party trays and party platters make planning easier, and delivery is available.

For customers wanting to fully immerse themselves in the Weber experience, on-site grilling is available, where chefs will prepare and cook meals on regular or giant charcoal Weber Kettles right in front of guests at your event. “We light up the grills, start the charcoal and cook the food from start to finish, right there,” Freije says. “It has a great backyard feel to it.”

For carryout or catering options, call into the restaurant or submit an inquiry on its website.

Weber Grill Restaurant, 1147 St. Louis Galleria St., Richmond Heights, Missouri, 314.930.3838,