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    Winter keeps dragging on, doesn’t it? Whenever it seems like we’ve turned the corner, snow starts falling again. Manifest that spring weather you need with the Paradise cocktail! This classic cocktail is just what you need to warm your bones and take your mind to sunnier shores. It’s a simpl…

      If you want a unique cocktail to make for Valentine’s Day, look no further! Celebrate your sweetheart with dreams of the tropics in the Rum Sunset cocktail. This recipe makes two, so celebrate with whoever you choose, and dream of a romantic, tropical getaway together. It’s easy to scale up …

      February is one of those months where you can really sense a change in the air. You start to notice the days getting longer, and you can begin to see nature coming back in after the cold winter. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but February always makes us feel like we just might make it after all. That’s why we recommend the Clover Club cocktail, a Philadelphia classic. The sweet and tart combination and bright color of the raspberry is perfect with Valentine’s Day coming up, and an egg white cocktail is a great way to hold out until spring gets here.

      We know what you’re up to this Sunday. Just make sure you’re well prepared! We’ve got a cocktail for you regardless of who you’re cheering for (or if you’re cheering at all) this Sunday.

      It’s January 24 – the official birthday of the beer can! Even though it had actually been around before that day (shh, it was still Prohibition when it first showed up!), Krueger’s released the first official canned beer in Virginia stores on this day in 1935. Let’s celebrate with some beer …

      No matter who you’re cheering for, we’ve got just the drink for you. Make sure you hit your next watch party with some of these in tow – we’ve got wines, spirits and seltzers for you to raise as you cheer your team to victory!

      By now, you’ve hopefully had a little time to recover from the busy holiday season. With 2020 finally here, we have several Limited Time Specials on some of our favorite wines. Try some new bottles for the new year!

      On January 12, 1976, the world lost a true literary giant: Agatha Christie. One of the masters of the detective story, Christie’s works continue to puzzle and inspire readers. In honor of Ms. Christie, here are a few cocktails tied to her most famous creations.

      Now that we’ve hit the new decade, pick up a few of these highly rated bottles without breaking the bank. We’ve got something for every palate, so try something new; you might just find a new favorite!

      Cue up the jazz! The 2020s are here, and we’ve got just the thing to celebrate the new decade in style. Here are a few of our favorite Prohibition-era cocktails, perfect for any party on your calendar.

      It’s just about time to ring in the new year (and new decade!), and we know you want to celebrate. We’ve got a few sparkling cocktails for just such an occasion! Have fun and make sure to celebrate responsibly. Happy New Year!

      Ho ho ho! Christmas is next week, and we know the big meals, cabin fever and way too much time with the family can make you crave a cocktail. Here are a few of our Christmas favorites to leave out for Santa. Have a safe and happy holiday!

      Need a few bottles to help you get through holiday parties? We’ve got you covered on wine and spirits – grab a few for gifts and some for yourself for crushing it this holiday season!