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Make the most of your wine country adventures with the Missouri Winery Visitors Program

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Missouri wine country encompasses breathtaking views and award-winning wines. What could be better than taking in scenic views with a glass of your favorite vino in hand? How about the opportunity to earn exciting rewards and participate in exclusive experiences, just by visiting new wineries and frequenting your favorites? It’s possible with the Missouri Winery Visitors Program (MVP).


MVP is a free program that rewards Missouri wine-lovers for their exploration of wine country. From the northwest corner to the southeastern bootheel of the Show-Me State, more than 100 MVP-participating wineries offer up opportunities for members to get rewarded for their patronage. Thousands of members from across Missouri and Kansas have joined MVP to make the most out of their visits to wine country, however frequent they may be. Whether you make the occasional trip to a Missouri winery with friends or have a goal to visit every winery in the state, MVP rewards you. This unique program was designed to benefit seasoned Missouri winery patrons and new wine enthusiasts alike.

From the moment you receive your welcome kit, complete with information about Missouri wine country and your trusty membership card, your MVP experience is completely customizable to your goals and preferences. Participating in the program is as simple as collecting MVP tickets during your visits to wineries. These tickets, each with their own unique alphanumeric code, are your “ticket” to rewards, sweepstakes and more. The process of entering these codes and earning points from your visits is made simple with your online MVP account. For each first-time visit to a participating winery, members earn 500 points, and subsequent visits are awarded point values based upon visit frequency; these points don’t expire until after the program ends.


As ticket codes are entered and points rack up, members have the opportunity to redeem those points for exciting rewards. From functional items and wine accessories, to glassware and wine-centric experiences, MVP offers a range of rewards attainable for any member. For MVP and Missouri wines’ most loyal enthusiasts, exclusive access to events like the Cellar Master Celebration can be redeemed at higher point levels. Points can also be redeemed for entries into quarterly sweepstakes drawings, where wine-themed bundles, getaways and event tickets are up for grabs. As if these awesome rewards aren’t already enough of an incentive for MVP members, select wineries offer members-only perks that include discounts on merchandise and complimentary glassware.

Besides the tangible rewards that can be earned for exploring Missouri wine country, MVP offers members the opportunity to form invaluable connections with other wine enthusiasts and make unforgettable memories. While taking in all that wine country has to offer, many members make lifelong friendships with other patrons, expand their wine knowledge and discover the beauty of all corners of the Show-Me State. Member Scott Rombach and his wife recount planning vacations around visiting wineries, trekking to new parts of wine country during their travels, and becoming acquainted with other wine enthusiasts. According to the Rombachs, their experience as MVP members have led to “meeting people and making friends from all over Missouri and the United States… and learning new ways to taste and enjoy wine.”


MVP membership also affords wine enthusiasts a sense of belonging to a larger community, where a love for award-winning wine unites all. Additionally, the personalized service and hospitality received from participating wineries (on top of access to members-only experiences and perks) create an atmosphere of exclusivity and value as an MVP member. Still wondering if MVP membership is right for you? Take it straight from longtime member Melissa Hill, who explains why every Missouri wine patron should be an MVP.

“I just think everyone should be making the most of their time at Missouri wineries by being an MVP member,” Hill says. “Where else can you earn rewards for just visiting a winery? And you get the chance to attend special events where you’re able to talk to winemakers and other wine lovers.”

Ready to take advantage of all that MVP has to offer? Find participating wineries near you using our interactive map and prepare for your next Missouri wine adventure by signing up for MVP today. We’ll see you in wine country!


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