Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Embrace the New Normal with Old Favorites

During these unprecedented times, we are all learning how to adjust to a new normal. New concepts like social distancing and sheltering in place have changed nearly every aspect of the way we live. Our health is being impacted, not just physical but our emotional and social health as well. And you’re not alone. I find myself having to get creative to find new ways to stay connected and to keep my overall well-being in check.

One thing I’ve done is taking the time to enjoy the small comforts in life and cherish the small victories each day. I’m embracing a “new normal” and accepting it for what it is with no more judgment about the way things “should be”. While many of us joke that we are going to come out of this looking like Sasquatch, I’ve found establishing a self-care routine is important to help me feel my best. Whether it’s getting ready in the morning, calling or texting a loved one, spending time outdoors or relaxing before I go to sleep. Consider it a time to slow down and reflect on what is most important.


Kara Behlke, Registered Dietitian, Schnucks Director of Health and Wellness

For me, I draw upon my childhood memories when things seemed simpler and slower. The things that brought me joy were playing outside with my brothers, helping my mom in the kitchen, sitting on the porch watching sunsets, sidewalk chalk art shows and making sun-dried mud pies for my friends. All of these memories helped inspire the recipe for this month. I loved making sun tea and watching it brew. It was so simple to make, but the sunshine added the special magic that made it taste so good. Soak up the sunshine that May will bring by grabbing a lawn chair and watching the kids draw chalk art for entertainment in the driveway as you safely wave to your neighbors across the street all while sipping on this tasty driveway drink. I raise my glass of sun tea to each of you as we celebrate the simple things that bring us joy each day.

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