This past spring, Rita Childers and Candi Tenney launched the plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-less food-and-drink company Core + Rind to offer flavorful, healthy products. “Not everyone wants to spend the time that we do in the kitchen,” Tenney explains. “So we are going to spend that time in the kitchen for you.”

You can find Core + Rind’s tent at Tower Grove Farmers’ Market every first and third Saturday of the month. Products, including organic and cold-pressed juices, nondairy milks, herbal “coffee,” as well as Caesar dressing (made with cashews, capers, Dijon mustard, garlic and olive oil) and Parmesan-style cashew cheese, are sold fresh, as Childers and Tenney prepare the items each Friday before the market. You can also buy its products at Local Harvest Grocery.

Be sure to grab the pair’s personal favorite, Easy, a cashew cheese sauce that incorporates puréed pumpkin, the company’s most popular product. A close second is Power turmeric milk, a mix of oat milk and coconut milk with turmeric, spices and honey. Fuel up with the Bliss raw brownie bites (filled with raw cacao, raw cacao nibs, dates and spices) or Spice raw chai bites (with coconut, dates and a house chai spice blend).

The St. Louis-based duo are grateful for the community’s response this summer. “People try our products and can tell that they were made with love,” Childers says. “It’s been awesome having people try it and immediately buy it because they love it so much.”

Core + Rind’s goal is to nourish each customer from the inside out, but Childers and Tenney also want to show customers that plant-based food can also be creative and delicious. Childers and Tenney hope to be on more retail shelves by year’s end; look for clean-eating membership boxes in 2017.

Core + Rind, 314.328.9862,

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Anna Beck is a lawyer, food blogger and a St. Louis contributing writer for Feast Magazine.

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