The Berry Nutty Farm Spreads

Darrell Tindal and Andrea Schnetzler didn’t really mean to get into the fruit-spread business. Back in 2010, Tindal was working in technology and Schnetzler in banking when her grandfather gave the pair about five bushels of apples – in Schnetzler’s words, a lot of apples – from his farm outside of Boonville, Missouri. When Tindal got a craving for his grandma’s apple butter, they spent the weekend experimenting with making their own. A few friends tried it, loved it and demanded they make more – even taking orders from their friends at work.

Soon, The Berry Nutty Farm was born. In addition to that signature apple butter, products include cranberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry spreads, most of which are made from local fruit. You can find The Berry Nutty Farm products at Whole Foods in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas, Straub’s Market in St. Louis, Root Cellar in Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri, and Farm to You Market in Washington, Missouri.

You specialize in “traditional-tasting” spreads and butters. What does that mean? Our recipes are old world-style. We don’t use high-fructose corn syrup, preservatives or dyes, and we don’t add water. –Darrell Tindal

People will often say, “This tastes real, this tastes like what my grandma used to make.” It kind of cracks me up to hear, “This tastes real,” but it’s refreshing. That’s the effect we want to present to people. –Andrea Schnetzler

What exactly is a fruit spread? Our products are spreads, not jams or jellies. The difference is that scientifically, a jelly is just fruit juice and sugar, and a jam could be water, pulp and sugar. Our spreads are just pure berries, with less sugar than a jam. All of them are going have pectin in them; the bigger difference between a jam and a fruit spread is the sugar. –A.S.

We’re technically classified as diabetic-friendly by most nutritionists because we have such a low sugar content. –D.T.

What are your most popular products? Our apple butter is our best-seller every single month. It’s a thick and chunky old-style German apple butter, as opposed to some of the more paste-y apple butters on the market, which are more like glorified applesauce. Our fruit spreads include multiple fruits, like the Bottom of the Barrel, which is a blend of strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. We had extra fruit so we threw it in the pot and made it, never dreaming that we’d ever need the recipe again. But we kept having clients requesting it, so we decided to specialize in crazier flavors as opposed to the typical grape and strawberry that you can find elsewhere. –A.S.

What else can you use Berry Nutty products for? Since our spreads are lower in sugar than what you would typically find, they’re easier to cook with. I always say our products are able to be used on anything from meats to sweets. We’ve used them in drink mixers, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, Key lime pie and sautéed green beans. You just need to jump out of the bread box and have some fun. –A.S.

The Berry Nutty Farm,