With chef Jeremy Fox’s first cookbook, On Vegetables, you’ll be able to make use of summer’s fresh produce like never before. Fox got his start at the Michelin-starred Ubuntu in Napa Valley, California, serving dishes like spring peas with white chocolate, macadamia nuts and lavender almonds. In 160 modern yet approachable dishes, Fox has attempted to redefine the art of vegetable-based cuisine and encourages readers to use the entire vegetable (seed-to-stock). His creative methods and combinations highlight various textures and flavor profiles of seasonal produce. First, Fox gives an overview of his complicated history as a “food celebrity,” followed by an ode to the local farmers he partners with and a rundown of various vegetables. His recipes are astonishingly unique, with colorful yet simplistic dishes such as cream of sunchoke soup with persimmon red-eye gravy, and butternut squash and ricotta mousse on spiced bread. The cookbook ends with a detailed list of what’s in Fox’s larder, including dairy, breads, sauces, salts, pickles and more.

On Vegetables, by Jeremy Fox, phaidon.com